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PECS Level 2 (Advanced) 2 Day Workshop

Take your PECS implementation skills to the next level and see how far your students can go!

Requirement: completion of the ‘PECS Basic Training’ Workshop

Let us help you create lessons that turn your PECS user into someone who communicates in all situations using longer sentences. A review of the six Phases of PECS and discussions about your current challenges combined with ideas related to materials, teaching strategies and activities to promote communication will refine your PECS implementation skills. With innovative ideas, renewed confidence and enthusiasm you will leave PECS Level 2 ready to move PECS users to more sophisticated levels of communication.
This workshop, appropriate for parents as well as professionals, is a combination of the ‘PECS Advanced Training Review, Practice and Problem Solving’ and ‘Incorporating PECS across the Day’. Day 1 will focus on a review of the phases of PECS. You will have the opportunity to practice your PECS skills and overcome any implementation problems you may be experiencing including discrimination difficulties and strategies. Day 2 will focus on learning how to create environments to use PECS successfully in different situations throughout the whole day; it will also cover when students are expected to use language beyond single picture requests.

You will:

"Truly inspirational. Our son has already come a long way, but this course has increased my understanding of the system and what is required. It has shown me how to iron out problems and addresses all the questions I wanted to ask unprompted"
– Attendee, PECS Advanced Training, London.

Agenda: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM both days
Registration Time: 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM
Tuition includes: Detailed Handout with space for note taking - Certificate of Attendance - Lunch and refreshments both days 

*Participants are encouraged to bring the PECS Training Manual (Frost and Bondy, 2002) that they received at their PECS Basic Training, as this workshop may reference some pages in the manual. 

PECS Level 2 Training: Our prices are Professional £330 Student £297 Parent £185




Continued Professional Development

This course is certified by the CPD certification service (the leading independent CPD accreditation institution) as conforming to continuing professional development principles. All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance detailing eligible CPD hours which can be used as verifiable documentary evidence when submitting CPD recording forms.

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PECS Level 2 (Advanced) 2 Day Workshop

08/05/2018 - 09/05/2018


PECS Level 2 (Advanced) 2 Day Workshop

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PECS Level 2 (Advanced) 2 Day Workshop

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PECS Level 2 (Advanced) 2 Day Workshop

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