Our Pics for PECS image collection is appropriate for all ages and supports both expressive and receptive AAC systems. Our high resolution jpg images can be enlarged to full page with no loss of clarity and can be used in any software that supports jpg images. In addition to making pictures for PECS Communication Books, Pics for PECS can be used to create printed communication boards, schedules, literacy activities, visual supports and overlays for speech generating devices. You'll find over 200 new images on Version 15 of the CD! New additions include an array of musical instruments,toys,activities, locations and more! CD includes over 3,200 Pics for PECS images, instructions for use, complete word list, picture dictionary and grids for a range of image sizes. CD is intended for use on Windows XP or higher/Mac OS 10.5 "leopard" or higher. Please contact us with regard to licence restrictions when using on more than one PC

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Pics for PECS Version® 15 CD NEW !!!!

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