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The Importance of Social – Sexual Training

Many people with complex learning needs have difficulties in understanding the rules around social relationships and intimacy. Problems 
with memory and language development in addition to poor comprehension of certain concepts; such as touch, can contribute to these 
learners struggling with staying safe in relationships and social situations. 

In order to support these learners to develop and maintain successful relationships Pyramid Educational Consultants are now offering SoSAFE! training.
The SoSAFE! Programme is a visual teaching tool which enables learners to develop their abilities in managing; and communicating about their relationships. The program covers all degrees of interaction; from a student’s expectations of strangers, to the intricacies of an intimate relationship.

SoSAFE! moves away from making feelings based decisions so we can enable and empower our learners to make their own judgments about what is okay to do with specific people.

SoSAFE! provides a format which is portable and easy to understand, meaning that any student can discuss their relationships at any time. By giving students a set of ‘rules’ for different relationships they are better placed to realise when a relationship may not be acceptable and then have the tools to report potential abuse.

Designed to be implemented by all who work with a student, delivered in both individual and group sessions; this person centred approach is a
great way of teaching students to develop and manage a wide range of relationships.
If you want your students to have more success in safer relationships; but there is a gap in your knowledge that prevents you from doing this, then SoSAFE! is the framework for you.  Teach them to be SoSAFE!

We are hosting several SoSAFE! workshops around the UK, come join us




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